Clyde Nelson is a young, self-proclaimed master of hypnosis who lives with his violent and toxic father, Elijah.

Clyde works for Take the Power Keep the Power, a small-time company that offers seminars on self-empowerment. With his hypnotic talent, Clyde pretends that he can erase clients’ past traumas and undesirable memories. The founder of Take the Power Keep the Power, Dion Green, uses Clyde's talent to persuade audiences to spend their money on the seminars. His associate Wayne thinks that Clyde is emotionally unstable and potentially dangerous, but Dion refuses to believe him.

However, the young master of hypnosis reveals his true destructive nature when his life begins to spin out of control. This is when Kate, a tormented bisexual, seeks help from Clyde and makes him realize what he has become: A violent and toxic person. Secrets are exposed and lives are ruined as CLYDECYNIC takes you through a tough and gritty experience that explores the depths of rage, compassion and manipulation.